The effect of horror movies

     Many people, especially teenagers, consider that horror movies are something cool and who watch these increase their psychological resistance. In fact many of them are watched these for pleasure as they say. However, our subconscious mind is not the same as our rational mind, so it often doesn’t obey us. You can gather in you some awful emotions that will have an impact without your knowledge. Watching such a movie may harm your brain without your understanding because it makes you lose the sensibility and when you will real terrible situations in your life, you won’t feel the same deep emotions. You can get without emotions, and that is what you can notice in today’s teenagers. Most of them tend to be rational but often make many irrational mistakes. When the first movies were created, these were for fun, instructional, or wanted to demonstrate the technology that existed at that time. Today things are different.

      If you want now to watch a film, you would find so many genres, actors, great pictures, amazing soundtracks, and the feelings will be very hard to describe because it is like hypnosis. The screen can educate you and form you as a person. That is why it is very important to control the information that you watch. Scary movies are great for different occasions, for example when you gather with your college friends, but you have to make sure there are no minor children around you, because their brain is very sensitive. The brain of children is always in formation and if you influence it in some way, the changes can be for the whole life. The children can easily get scary, so it is not recommended for them to watch any violent, sexual or horror movies. It is proved by scientists, so if you love your little brothers or sisters, keep them away from screen.

       There are many actors, movie producers and writers involved in this industry that wants to scare you. There are even special holydays when you should be the scariest thing possible. It is great that people play with this without fears, but children absorb the information and may feel uncomfortable. We should be careful with all things that seem uncommon or weird. It is a natural instinct in us and we should keep this way. Everything is great and enjoyable if it has some limits.