Bows and Arrows in Robyn Hood by Zenescope.


Have you ever thought why people do love short movie so much? Indeed, the answer isn’t very difficult regardless of the perspective you judge upon. From the perspective of producers – there are many talented people who have a lot to say. However, filming a real long movie is a very challenging and what is even more important, extremely expensive task. A short movie allows making a nice piece of art without investing a lot in it. Today we would like to invite you in our short movie world to demonstrate once again how interesting it could be.

The story of Robin Hood is a good old tale that we love know and love. This is a story of a brave man who defended the right of those undefended and stood for the rights of poor people with his bow and arrows. In this video we have the possibility to admire the work crafted by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco. These talented artists are not wasting time in vain. You will see a great, versatile adaption of the good old Robin Hood story. The environments are changing together with the time, but some things still remain unchanged. The story of love and hate, of generosity and greediness, is as alive as hundreds of years ago. Joe Brusha and Ralph Todesco have created Zenescope, a company specialized in the publication of comic books and graphic novels. Still, their talent is not limited to graphic novels, and they have clearly illustrated this in the great short movie starring Lili Simmons we are inviting you to watch with us. Lili Simmons is a famous American actress, originating from California, USA. Her acting and performing talent was discovered when she was only 15 when she started working as a model. Since 2010 she has started a professional acting career and is day by day becoming more and more popular, and it is no wonder at all why. Together, these talented people have succeeded making a great movie.

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